The Scariest Things About Fast Food Restaurants


The awful things that come to light about fast foods and modern day diet favorites with a little bit of research is absolutely appalling. This raises another concern; if such disturbing facts are so publicly displayed about fast food restaurants, what do these industries hide? It’s a thought that many people fear to think about. However, avoiding the situation is just as bad as eating the stuff on a regular basis which could be fatal. If you were to eat fast food twice a week, the average person would gain approximately 10 pounds and would also double the risk of insulin resistance which leads to obesity, diabetes and many other serious issues.

They Don’t Rot

You saw it in the Super Size Movie and you could even see it for yourself, first hand, if you have the time and patience. Fast food doesn’t rot. It appears to be fresh for years. Some are even claiming that a McDonalds burger from 1999 is still looking brand spanking new, fresh off the grease. This is disturbing and unnatural. Food should rot. Food should expire. Well, then again, this clearly isn’t “food”.

There is no Health

This shouldn’t come to you as a shocker. The fried foods and empty-calorie, chemical packed sodas haven’t fooled you for this long, have they? If they have, you can’t deny that the menu items, battered and fried in who-knows-what, and the high fat and calorie contents are working negatively against your health. It doesn’t matter if you work out regularly. Not only do fast foods contain no natural nutrition, but they also actively work towards harming you; bringing you closer to disease and illness.

You Never Know What’s in It

For years, people have been speculating over what popular fast food chains use to make their food. The truth is scary, and it’s quite possible that the whole truth isn’t even known yet. Burger King’s meat was allegedly contaminated with horse meat a couple of years ago. This might not seem very odd, but the majority of people don’t, nor do they want to, eat horse. That’s not even talking about all of the critters, crawlers and rodents that are found in fast food menu items around the globe.
One of the debates about the ingredients used is all about the McNugget. Apparently, only 50% of this common favorite menu item is actually chicken – and that’s not to say that it comes from the good parts of the chicken. You can almost guarantee yourself that you’re eating meat scraps, beaks, bones and all kinds of things you probably don’t want to think about. As for the other 50%? You get sugars, derivatives, chemicals and well, the “who knows”. Some studies have shown that the meat in fast food hamburgers is only 2% sometimes. The average was a mere 12%. Needless to say, you’re never getting what it looks like.
As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that if there are more than 5 ingredients listed, it probably isn’t the best option. That can’t be said when you’re eating Paleo and many delicious recipes have an abundance of real, natural, fresh foods but if you sneak off of the Paleo path sometimes, this rule should help you steer clear of extremely harmful food options.



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