Terrifying Food Facts


The things that you can learn about the foods you used to eat – or unfortunately for some, still eat – will absolutely disgust you. The following facts about the food industry might have you rethinking that modern day diet snack that keeps tempting you to cheat on your healthy lifestyle, or more importantly, if you’re currently contemplating abandoning the Modern Diet for the Paleo diet, this is the only thing that you need.


Maggots, Rodent Hair, and Insect Eggs

Why not enjoy some additional flavor with your meals, right? Gross! The FDA apparently allows some defects to slide by. Proceed with caution: Apparently canned pineapple can contain up to 20% of moldy fruit, oregano is okay up to 1250 insect fragments per 10 grams, berries are okay up to 4 larvae per 100 grams and ocean perch can have small parts of parasites.

They Don’t Have To Tell You Where the Mix Salad Comes From

What really is concerning about this is why? Why do grocers not have to tell you where their salad comes from? Could it be because it comes from the trash at the back of a popular restaurant? Someones compost? Grown in chemicals? What? Apparently, the only thing supermarkets have to tell you is the country of origin, but this isn’t always the case. A mixed bag of salads doesn’t have to disclose anything which is scary to think about if there is a bacterial outbreak.

A Nice, Rich Glass of Cancer Milk

Dairy is not Paleo, and for many reasons. The fact that it contains hormones that may cause cancer is certainly one of them which is believed to be directly linked to their feed which is often stuffed with hormones and chemicals.

Your “Flu” Is Probably Food Poisoning

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 48,000 Americans every year, receive food poisoning from foods that have been contaminated food. What’s even scarier is that approximately 3,000 people die.

Your Meats Can Be Cleaned With Ammonia

This is exactly what the Paleo diet places importance on the quality of foods that you are eating because you just never know what you’re putting into your body when you’re purchasing low-grade products. Apparently, The USDA allows meat products to be cleaned with ammonia – without informing you that it has been put through this process. As long as you’re avoiding fast food restaurants, you should be clear of this.
A Sprinkle of Bugs in your Foods

If you see something crushed on top of your food that shouldn’t be there, you might be looking at crushed bugs. Carmine is a vibrant red food colorant which is crushed from an African insect that is similar to the beetle.
Reading this article has probably answered many questions and concerns, and even doubts that you may have had regarding the Modern day diet. The Paleo takes all of this knowledge and gets it out of your life immediately – and for good reason.


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