Should You Be Juicing?


It is extremely important to know that juicing isn’t some fad diet, nor is it recommended that you completely rid yourself of foods and replace them with liquids. However, juicing your fruits and vegetables in addition to eating regularly can be an excellent way to get vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals in your diet that you may not have received otherwise. It is safe to say that, like the Paleo diet, juicing is much more of a lifestyle.


Consider Your Current Health

Before changing your diet, whether it is to the Paleo diet or small alterations like adding more juices into your daily drinks, you must always first consider your own personal and current health. With that said, juicing is about drinking fruit juices that you purchase from the grocery store. Instead, it is the process of juicing fruits and vegetable and making delicious smoothies that are just as nutritious as they are delicious. However, someone who suffers from diabetes may want to consider their current health and choose juicing recipes accordingly. This can be said for all kinds of health concerns, so look into this idea first!

What to Expect From Juicing?

Expect to no longer be thirsty, and expect to finally get the nutrients, minerals and vitamins in your diet that you may not have received otherwise because you didn’t like a particular ingredient. While the Paleo diet is definitely the healthiest way to eat already, you may not be eating all the fruits and vegetables recommended because you simply don’t like the taste or texture. With juicing, you can sip your way right through anything that you may have considered to be unpleasant previously. You can also expect to possibly get rid of any supplements that you’re taking because you’re finally getting everything that your body requires.

When To Drink Your Juices?

It isn’t recommended to replace your Paleo meals with juices but to rather add them into your diet. The best time to consume fresh juices and smoothies is on an empty stomach, at least a half of an hour before a meal. Smoothies are excellent as a snack as they will fill you up, but juices don’t always offer that full feeling and are better left accentuating your meal or as a pre-course treat. If you are battling the day and night debate, juices are recommended to be consumed mainly during the first half of your day as it will give you the boost of nutrients and energy that you need to thrive for the rest of the afternoon. When the evening comes, full green juices or less sweet juices are best.


What To Juice?

You can juice almost everything. It depends on whether you are using a blender or a juicer as the two, despite being similar, offer very different results. However, everything from apples, oranges, watermelons, berries, avocados, bananas and almost every other fruit can be juiced in both a blender or juicer. You may need to simply add in more juicy fruits – like watermelon or oranges. As for the juicer, it really takes the juicing experience to the next level as you can liquify everything from spinach, kale, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, celery and many more additional vegetables. You can also combine fruits and vegetables with seeds, nuts and other delicious ingredients. The recipes are endless, so take a look and explore the various tastes of juicing.

Is Juicing Safe?

Well, you should truly be asking yourself whether eating broccoli is safe, or whether carrots are safe, or whether you should drink water. In other words, of course juicing is safe – you are drinking fruits and vegetables. Mind you, there are some unhealthy recipes that can be found so be cautious when searching for new recipes to follow. The other concern that you want to pay attention to is the differences between juicing in addition to eating Paleo, and juicing to replace your current diet. The only juicing that is being encouraged on this page is the kind in which you add it into your current, healthy Paleo diet. For example, having juices in addition to your breakfast, or a smoothie as a snack instead of completely riding the concept of chowing down on some fresh produce. That’s also not the mention that blending chunks of steak may not be as delicious. So, keep your real foods on your plate, but enhance the power by adding more nutrients into your diet with every sip that you take. With that said, you also don’t want to forget about water! Drink tons of that as well!
Juices don’t tend to store well. So juice and slurp right away to ensure that they taste the best without depleting any nutritional values. Don’t forget that juices are not intended to be meal replacements and you should switch the recipes up to ensure that you’re getting a well-rounded blast of nutrition – which you’re already getting if you’re on the Paleo diet. You can also find excellent juices specific to pre or post workout, pregnancy, health concerns and much more! The powers are endless. Enjoy!


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