Is Molasses Paleo?


First and foremost, natural sugars such as honey, coconut sap sugar and sugar cane are usually considered to be Paleo as they seen as “healthier sweeteners” due to their natural elements. However, many of the “natural” sugars you find on the grocery store shelves aren’t natural at all, and actually have high fructose corn syrup added into the mix. So, you always have to be extremely careful with the quality of ‘natural’ products that you purchase. Let’s see if the same can be said for molasses – a very common ingredient for those of you who like to spend your free time baking up a storm.

What is Molasses?

As mentioned, molasses is used often within baking. It comes from the sugarcane plant which is certainly an element that is Paleo. It is made through the process of boiling the cane syrup two times, and for the common blackstrap molasses, it is boiled yet another time. This doesn’t sound bad at all, right?

The Problem with Molasses

It is when companies put table sugar into the process to give it a sweeter taste. Since table sugar has been refined so much that the minerals and natural nutrients are completely erased, modernized molasses usually aren’t Paleo at all. You can buy a variety of molasses but very few of them will actually be just that. Organic blackstrap molasses seems to be the purest form of them all.

On the Bright Side

However, if you were to purchase natural pure molasses (check the ingredient list), you are receiving all of the nutritious elements that come from natural, real sugar cane. In addition, you get an excellent source of calcium, iron, potassium, iron, phosphorus, copper and zinc – all of which certainly can’t be found in all molasses bottles in today’s modern age.
So, as you can see, molasses is certainly safe and even more importantly, it is a healthy addition to you Paleo lifestyle. However, you have to remember that, although pure and natural, molasses is sugar and should only be enjoyed in moderation. It won’t give you the erratic spikes in energy levels like you experience with the table sugar. Since you are certain to experience the dilemma between today’s version of natural foods and what is actually natural, try to shop for organic blackstrap molasses as it seems to be the purest of its form, that also offers all of the nutritional benefits mentioned.

Now, all you have to do is turn on your oven and prepare to bake up some delicious Paleo desserts and don’t forget to share some with us.


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