Is An Oil Less Fryer Paleo?


While oil less deep fryers are said to be the healthiest deep fryer option, which is an extreme oxymoron, it still might have captured your curiosity. This trending and innovative kitchen appliance has been featured on many talk shows host, and even on Dr. Oz’s, and since you can’t believe everything you see on TV, we have set out to get to the bottom of these oil less deep fryers to see if they are really worth the couple of hundred dollars (approximately $250) that their price tags read.

How Oil Less Deep Fryers Work

Apparently, you put in a tablespoon of olive oil or another kind of healthy oil (which is definitely Paleo) and the machine deep fries them without all the fat that often comes from deep fried favorites. Mind you, many ‘deep fried’ foods aren’t Paleo regardless as to how they’re cooked. For example; french fries, wings, chips etc. Another thing to consider is that many primal eaters aren’t worried about fat as we have already eliminated all unhealthy foods.

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Is it Healthier?

Oil less deep fryers are definitely healthier for many reasons – you aren’t using unhealthy fats and oils, and you aren’t reusing the fry oil over and over again which eliminates the building up of oxidized fats. If you use coconut oil, ghee or even beef fat, you’re increasing the healthy elements even more. However, there is some controversy over whether the kitchen appliance actually deep fries as it uses very little oil and essentially, doesn’t soak and fry the food items inside of it.

Does it Really Fry?

Many people are saying that the oil less deep fryer just stirs your food around while baking it, basically. This ultimately makes it not a deep fryer at all, and you could essentially achieve the same results by throwing your food items in an oven tray with some beef fat. You could also fry up your food items in a pot with lard and save an abundance of money, and you would probably get an even tastier final result while doing so. Many paleo people are saying that the oil less fryer is similar to sautéing your food. In addition, there has to be a concern with how much “shaking” and “beating up” your food will ultimately receive within this item, and how it will be once the cooking is complete.
So, people have concluded that it costs way way too much money to purchase an oil less fryer which basically tosses your food around in a oven-like contraption. People have compared them to being convection ovens, a machine that bakes your food and a machine that sautés your food items. Ultimately, it works just the same as shaking a pan in the oven, or a frying pan.


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