Chow Down on Happy Foods


Your foods are vital to all parts of your health – mentally, emotionally, physically, internally, externally and the list goes on and on. They can actually instantly change your mood to a better one if you are struggling with a bad day. It is somewhat similar to the concept of working out. Foods have the ability to heighten your emotional state to turn that frown upside down. Science has proven that some foods can really do just that.


No Frowning With Fruit, Fish & Veggies

Eating a diet rich of fruit, fish and vegetables has shown that you are less likely to feel depressed in comparison to those who eat fried junk, processed meats, refined grains, dairy and all of the other stuff that isn’t Paleo. This is said to be the result of the antioxidants in the fruits and vegetables, as well as the omega-3 fatty acids in fish. Many fruits and dark green vegetables also contain folate, which is a B vitamin that thorough impacts your mood.

Take a Chance with Chocolate

This mood-boosting treat should only be enjoyed in moderation, and to ensure that you’re reaping all the benefits that it provides, you must be eating dark chocolate and none of those dairy milk kinds. Eating a block of dark chocolate every day has the ability to reduce your stress hormones.

Freshen Your Mood With Fish

Fish is mentioned again because it deserves its own category in the mood-boosting department. In other words, eat more fish! It’s healthy and it can turn your mood around into a positive one. This is said to be the result of the omega-3 fatty acids (as mentioned). You can enjoy this in an abundance by eating fatty fish such as herring, salmon, sardines and tuna. It will effectively smooth out your moodiness and has even been used to treat bipolar disorders. Some studies have shown that eating fish twice a week lowers the risk of depression and suicide in someone feeling down in the dumps. If you are concerned about the mercury in fatty fish, stick to Pacific salmon, shrimp, farmed catfish, haddock, blue crab, summer flounder and croaker which are low in mercury.

The Madness of Meats

Now, this is always a realistic option because meat is so delicious. If you have been feeling listless, add in some more meat into your diet. Things such as shrimp, lean beef, dark chicken, turkey and seafood twice a day can curb that negative feeling. If you don’t have animal protein on your plate, add in some high-vitamin C items such as citrus fruits, dark green veggies , bell peppers or tomatoes. This will pump you up and the iron will certainly help with that as well.

Multivitamins are always an option if you feel like you aren’t receiving the proper amount of nutrients, or if you are deficient with some. However, the best idea is to cheer up by chowing down.


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