Why Aren’t Legumes and Dairy Allowed?



Within the Paleo diet, there are a lot more foods that you can eat, than what you can’t eat. However, when first considering the option of switching over to this highly healthy diet, you may find yourself paying more attention to what you will no longer be able to consume. It’s human nature. You always want what you can’t have, and it’s completely okay to be concerned about the few things that you will have to cut out that may seem healthy to you right now. You may seem uneasy about cutting the following out of your diet, but you’re about to see the reason behind doing just that, and it extends well past the fact that cavemen didn’t contain them.



You’ve probably wondered why Paleo doesn’t involve peanuts? Well, it’s not a nut but rather a legume. Question answered, right? You may now be wondering why the Paleo diet doesn’t consist of any legumes. Since the Paleo diet is all about eating the foods that cavemen thrived on, legumes aren’t included in this diet because legumes needed to be cooked in order to be edible. Therefore, the cavemen didn’t gather legumes. As for the health factor, legumes contain phytates which absorb nutrients and cause inflammation, and since the Paleo diet is all about eating great and feeling even better, you can certainly understand why legumes are not within the dietary guidelines. Legumes to avoid include lentils, all beans, peanuts as mentioned previously, soybeans and chickpeas.



You may also be wondering why dairy isn’t included in the Paleo diet. Weren’t there cows back in the caveman days? Sure but people didn’t eat dairy products before animals were domesticated and they were fine without it. In fact, they would have probably been completely okay with it, however that can’t be said about the Paleo diet today simply because of the way dairy is processed amongst the majority of supermarkets. The environment, conditions and foods that cows today are fed are anything but healthy for them, which in turn, doesn’t make their resources any better. Then, the pasteurisation of milk drastically alters the milk proteins and essentially kills beneficial bacteria and enzymes.


Other things that you may be worried about no longer included within your diet include grains, sugars and transfats but that’s an article for another day. Rest be assured though because you certainly won’t miss these items when on the Paleo diet. At first, you may notice their absence but you will be feeling so fabulous as a result of the foods you’re containing¬†¬†that you truly aren’t going to be paying much attention to the things that you no longer have. It’s just a little bump at the beginning of the caveman adaptation. The Paleo diet isn’t just not eating foods that cavemen didn’t have. There’s a lot more reason behind it, as mentioned before. Even if the cavemen decided to enjoy dairy back in the day, which didn’t happen, it simply wouldn’t have the same benefits to us today since the way products are now made.


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