What is the Paleo Diet, That The Atkins Diet Isn’t


You have probably heard the Paleo diet being referenced as something similar to the Atkins diet. Now this can add a lot of confusion for those Paleo indulgers, and especially for those who are looking to see whether or not this positive lifestyle change is the right one for you. In fact, the majority of the, “Oh, it’s like the Atkins diet” comments come from a lack of information, or rather, misinformation. So, let’s set you on the right path and figure out what the Paleo diet is, that the Atkins diet isn’t.


Both the Paleo diet and Atkins diet focuses on a low intake of carbohydrates. That’s about as far as the similarities go. The Atkins diet was a fad and as fast as it came into the diet scene, it left it because people discovered that it was not a healthy way to eat. There was no proof behind it, like there is with the Paleo Diet. The proof for Paleo is that our ancestors ate only the things within the dietary guidelines and they thrived on life. That’s also not to mention that it has been scientifically proven to decrease health problems, diseases and their symptoms.


During the beginning of the Atkins diet allows less than 50 grams a day of carbs which leaves next to no room for your healthy fruits and vegetables. So basically, on the Atkins diet, you’re eating a lot of met and dairy products all day, every day. This causes extreme constipation and is unhealthy as it’s not being balanced out with veggies and plant foods. As you continue on with the Atkins diet, your carb intake is allowed to be increased which does allow for more vegetables, however, there is absolutely no emphasis on the quality of foods that you’re eating. You are still eating hormone and chemical packed meats, pasteurized dairy and all sorts of preservatives and well, junk.


Then, you have the Paleo diet which does place emphasis on the quality of foods in which you are eating. Fresh fruits and vegetables, real meat products and nothing processed, hormone-induced or trans fat filled. The Paleo diet also doesn’t focus in on only eating meat and protein, like the Atkins diet does. In addition, dairy is coming ruled out. More carbohydrates are allowed because the idea of Paleo is to eat as much food as you want or until you’re satisfied. How is this possible? Well because you’re eating real foods, and there’s plenty of room for healthy, non-starch low carb vegetables.


Most importantly though, Paleo focuses on your overall health, and wasn’t brought into this modern world from the ancestral days just to help people lose weight. It is about achieving an overall goal of living, feeling and being completely and thoroughly healthy. Its must more of a healthy lifestyle change than it is a dietary one. Paleo has scientific results that support the benefits that this lifestyle change will have to your overall health, and they are most certainly all positive ones.


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