What Are Coconut Aminos


You’ve probably seen plenty of recipes calling for “coconut aminos”, and you have probably taken off to your Paleo pantry only to see that you have coconut milk, coconut shreds, coconut meat and coconut slivers but no coconut aminos. As a result, you have probably be left there wondering what in the world coconut aminos are, and what they are used for. This is your 101 guide on just that.


What Are Coconut Aminos?

As the name reads, coconut aminos do come from the coconut tree, and simply put, they are the sap of it. It comes with an abundance of amino acids, minerals and is also low on the glycemic index. The amino acids that it contains are extremely importance because they have the ability to repair and rebuild muscles. They can also enhance the nervous system, boost your immune system, and boost up your energy levels. When the sap is combined with sea salt, it naturally ages into coconut aminos. It could definitely be hunted and gathered, and is healthy and beneficial for you to consume. So, yes – they are Paleo.


When To use Coconut Aminos

On the Paleo diet, soy sauce is not within the guidelines because soy products aren’t Paleo due to their unhealthy elements and negative effects on the body. This is when coconut aminos come into play as they are ideal when used as a soy substitute, specifically, soy sauce. This is also why you probably see a lot of Paleo recipes that call for coconut aminos. They have already made the substitution for you. In addition, it can be used exactly the same way you would use soy sauce, and can also be used for marinades, dressings sauces and stir-fries – basically anywhere that you want.


What Coconut Aminos Do

Many people like to describe the works of coconut aminos in a recipe as magic. It adds a delicious depth of flavor without completely changing the original recipe’s taste. It isn’t overwhelmingly salty like soy sauce but still resembles a similar spark. It is also described as being less salty than Tamari.

You can purchase this ingredient in many health food stores. You have to make sure that you’re buying “coconut aminos” as opposed to “liquid aminos” because the latter is derived from soy beans, and as mentioned, soy products are not permitted on the Paleo diet – for plenty of reasons.

If you are new to the Paleo diet, you will be surprised to see how many times you will stumble across this ingredient. So, don’t underestimate it and grab some next time you’re grocery shopping to ensure that you have it when needed.


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