Weird Foods People Actually Eat



There are some seriously weird foods out there, and a trip around the local grocery store will prove that to be true because the most odd of foods are the chemical packed ones. The modern diet is full of disgustingly weird foods that you may not have thought of previously. However, these following items that people actually eat around the world are Paleo, and give the modern diet a run for their money in regards to weirdness. They are completely natural and could be hunted and gathered, but there is probably non-Paleo versions of them as well.

Just like you can purchase grass-fed meat products, or microwavable ‘meat’, you can probably purchase Paleo scorpion (true story), or purchase it deep-fried and certainly modernized.

So, prepare to be shocked. Just when you thought you had seen it all, this video scrolls across your screen! Would you dare to eat any of the items mentioned?


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