The Truth About Instant Noodles is Terrifying


If you used to love yourself some instant noodles, then you aren’t alone because it is one of the most popular items for those balling on a budget and more specifically, for kids and college students. Now, you probably haven’t eaten them yourself for many years, especially if you’re following the Paleo diet, but ramen noodles may be a common item that you allow your children to have in order to save time and money. So, whether you like to snack on instant ramen noodles on cheat day or allow your family to eat them,you may want to start thinking twice about what you’re putting into your bodies because it had been linked to many awful things, including heart attacks and diabetes. That’s also not to mention that you are at an even high risk for severe cardiovascular disease and strokes if you are female. Yikes!

Lead researcher Hyun Joon Shin, MDA from a recent study that was conducted revealed, “This research is significant since many people are consuming instant noodles without knowing possible health risks. ” Shin is a clinical cardiology person at Baylor University Medical Center and a nutrition epidemiology doctoral student at the Harvard School of Public Health. So, in other words, his advice you can trust!

The study which consisted of 10,711 adults between the ages of 19 and 64, found that eating instant noodles, whether it be ramen, lo mein, glass, Thai, or other kinds, twice or more times a week linked to a variety of abnormalities within the body’s cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic systems. Mind you, the specific cause of the problem was not immediately clear.


It is assumed that this all stems from the packaging of such instant noodles as many of them do come in Styrofoam containers. Such packages contain BPA which is a known hormone disruptor – especially in women. However, the food isn’t foolproof either and contains an abundance of unhealthy ingredients, such as MSG, chemical preservatives and high amounts of saturated fat. Instant noodles are also known for having other ingredients such as thickeners, stabilizers, sodium, and preservatives that have been linked to heart disease, stroke, and kidney damage.

Obviously, instant noodles are not permitted on the Paleo diet for more than one reason, but you can see why they shouldn’t be a part of your family’s and friend’s diets either way! This stuff is dangerous. What is even more terrifying is the fact that this information regarding instant noodles isn’t new! It’s been around and forthcoming for years, but people seem to ignore the signs – just as they do with many other food items within the modern diet.

A video that recently went viral showed what the digestive tract goes through when you eat instant noodles. The footage showed the body, stomach specifically, struggling for hours to grind up the ‘food’. The rest was just as disturbing.


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