The Best Fruits and Vegetables for your Paleo Garden


With the wide variety of fruits and vegetables that you can grow in your home garden, you may feel overwhelmed when you are going ahead to pick out the endless options of seeds. Here are some insider tips of some of the best fruits and vegetables that you can grow in your Paleo garden! You have a little bit of everything listed below.

With so many ways you can enjoy cucumbers, this is a definite must within your garden. Salads, deviled eggs, salads and soups are about to get a splash of home planted cucumbers. Plant 5-6 seeds in hills that are approximately 6-8 inches high and 3-6 feet apart.

This plant doesn’t get enough recognition. Eggplants are delicious when grilled in Paleo oil or when paired with other fruits and vegetables. These plants will need approximately 2 months of warm, sun-filled days so plant the seeds accordingly.

Cantaloupes and Watermelons
With 4 months of steady heat, you can harvest some juicy cantaloupes. Despite the size, cantaloupes are said to grow best when in a container such as a wine barrel or something that is at least 18 inches deep. Of course, this requires space. Watermelons are a great alternative that does require some space, but doesn’t require container gardening for the best possible results.

Peppers can make any Paleo dish taste like pure perfection. You can have some that are sweet, mild, hot or spicy, so all taste buds are certainly catered to with peppers. That’s also not to mention that they are fairly easy to grow!

With only 6 plants, you can easily supply a family of 4. Eat your tomatoes fresh, or use them for canning or sauces. You can also grow all kinds of tomatoes, two of the easiest and most versatile ones being slicing tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Either way, you are about to enjoy the delicious taste of juicy tomatoes straight from your backyard.

Zucchini plants are amongst some of the easiest ones to grow and their nutrition can easily be implemented into a wide variety of Paleo dishes. The roots need consistent moisture but other than that, they are simple to garden and maintain.

With some cilantro planted in your garden, you can add an incredible dose of taste to all of your dishes. Guacamole and salsas are two of the most common things you may use your cilantro plant for. It grows fast so be sure to plant the seeds every couple of weeks to ensure a consistent dose of cilantro.

The only thing you need to know when gardening basil is that the leaf production comes to a halt as the flowers come into bloom, so pinch them as soon as they spike to keep the growing of basil flowing.

With all fruits and vegetables, it’s best to start with seeds. When you purchase nursery-grown plants or something similar, there is a possibility of adding pests into your garden, and you can’t be sure whether or not pesticides and other chemicals were used. Keep it healthy and natural, straight from the seeding procedure.


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