The Super Uses of Lemons


Lemons are an extremely versatile fruit in and out of the kitchen. Since the juice is an acid, it is a natural disinfectant and nutritional powerhouse, and considering you are on the Paleo diet, placing importance on the quality of your foods, sans chemicals, you likely want a natural approach to your entire life. As a bonus, the scent of lemons is fresh and pleasant, reminding every one of a welcoming cleanliness, but does the exact opposite for pests. So, prepare to use lemon in and outside of the dish you’re preparing for tonight’s dinner. Here are some innovative and incredible ways to take advantage of lemons!

First and Foremost with Foods

Of course, since this is a Paleo blog, we have to talk about the benefits that lemon has for our palate. It has the ability to lower salt intake as lemons satisfy salty cravings, and it can also help to preserve your food. A little sprinkle of lemon juice and everything from your guacamole, apples, pears, cauliflower and much stay fresher longer. Lemon juice also freshens up a dull salad, turning soggy lettuce into crispy delights with a splash of flavor.


Kitchen Cleaning

When it comes to your kitchen, use lemons on your cutting boards, salad bowls, rolling pins and other wooden kitchen products as the juice has the ability to kill any germs, smells and hotbeds of bacteria. You can also use it to clean plastic containers, and it can also get rid of grease that is stuck on your counters, dishes, oven or on other items within your house, and don’t forget that it will polish any and all chrome and stainless steel. If you are having problems cleaning your graters, which seems to be inevitable, rub a cut lemon on it before washing. You’ll be amazed. Lastly, a couple of lemon peels in the bottom of your fridge or trash can will cure any unpleasant smells.

Garden Treatments

Many people have problems with animals getting into their garden, and often times, this statement doesn’t even pertain to the critters crawling outside. The most common culprit is the outdoor cat. Luckily, what smells amazing to you is repulsive to cats. Put some lemon juice in a spray bottle and mist areas around your garden to keep those feisty felines away for your crops. Lemon juice will also repel ants, roaches, moths and other pests that you simply don’t want buzzing around in your garden. In addition, lemon juice can naturally kill your weeds. Just pour some lemon juice on any unwanted plants to instantly kill them without any harsh chemicals which is one of the main things you want to avoid on the Paleo diet.

Who knew that lemons served so many excellent purposes for the Paleo diet, cooking and so much more.


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