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Everyone is trying to save a couple dollars from time to time, and although you can cut out luxuries, you can’t skip out on buying food. You need food. However, there are a variety of secrets that will allow you to grocery shop smarter which will allow you to live much more frugally and within the lines of your budget spreadsheet. There’s no need to opt out of things that you enjoy. In fact, you can buy everything that you want to eat, as long as you shop smart! Here are some tips to follow whenever you’re out filling your grocery cart.

Use Coupons
Couponing isn’t a trend because it doesn’t work. It’s popular because it’s saving people plenty of money, and it’s about time for you to jump on this bandwagon. Pull out your Sunday flyers and grab extras whenever you can and grab your scissors. Cut out the coupons that are offering discounts on the foods you eat, and put them in your purse or wallet to ensure that you do not forget them when you go shopping. If you really want to take couponing up as a hobby, there are a variety of tips that you can practice to keep the craze of coupons organized.

In Season Fruits
Throughout certain times of the year, some fruits aren’t in season. Sure, you can still purchase them but the price tag attached to such produce is often jacked high to accommodate for the additional shipping charges the store needed to pay to get the fruits from a place where they were in season, which often means somewhere far, with a totally different climate. When shopping for fruits, try to stick to the ones that are in season so you can avoid the additional costs. Fruits are fabulous for smoothies for breakfast, or for a snack, and they’ll taste even better when you know that you didn’t pay an arm and a leg for them.

Go Bulk
When possible, purchase things in bulk. Of course, you won’t want to do this if that specific item is going to expire well before you can get your taste buds on it, but a variety of items can be purchased in bulk and stored for future use. Since you are buying a larger amount, you actually save more than if you were to purchase that item in a smaller dose. For example, a bottle of water is a couple dollars, while a 24 pack is only a few more dollars than if you were to purchase just one. If you were to purchase 24 bottles as singles, you’re spending a lot more money, so always try to purchase in bulk when available.

You’re already well on your way to saving money on your grocery bill because you aren’t purchasing things that were made for convenience, such as microwaveable dinners, that are often overpriced simply for their quick and easy benefits. Eating specific to the Paleo guideline already cuts down your bill, especially if you’re following a meal plan as everything you need is right on your list and you won’t over shop.


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