The Real Categories of Fruits


Fruits can be confusing, considering the fact that raspberries and strawberries aren’t berries at all, and instead, bananas and avocados are considered to be berries in reality. Things just got a little more complicated for you, didn’t they? There is absolutely no reason to feel overwhelmed because you don’t have to know the variety of fruit categories to be able to thrive on the Paleo diet. However, the following information is perfect for those of you who enjoy some ‘fun facts’ of the day, and like to show off your expertise with the food in your diet.

Fleshy Fruits Are Drupes

Fleshy fruits can be categorized as drupes and describes as being a single seeded ovary that has a harder, stony layer. Think plums, peaches, olives (yup! They’re fruits) and cherries.

Pomes are Pommes in French

The french word, pommes, when translated to English is ‘apple’. Instantly, you get a clear idea of the fruits that are in this category. Of course, apples are pomes, as are pears and along with the variety of other fruits that fall into this category, they can be described as fruits that get have a separate structure from the seeds of the ovary tissue. Now, just to confuse you, some smaller pomes can be called berries as well.

Your ‘Berries’ are Actually Aggregate

Blackberries and raspberries are actually aggregate fruits which mean that they contain seeds from different ovaries of a single flower. As a result, multiple fruits are made from several flowers that have been packed together. So, such items produce a bulk of smaller fruits, or what we consider to be berries.


Accessory Fruits

As for the American favorite, strawberries, these are actually accessory fruits as opposed to berries. This simply means that the edible part is not generated by the ovary like other fruits are.

What Are Berries

Finally, we get to the answer of what are berries, by definition. A berry is simply a fruit that has its seeds and pulp produced from a single ovary. This category includes cranberries, grapes, tomatoes (You bet!), blueberry and many more. These fruits are also fleshy, and can vary from citrus fruits that offer thick, bitter rinds or thick, leathery skin items such as cucumbers, squashes and melons.

So, don’t let the ‘berry’ in your fruits confuse you. They are probably not berries at all. These fun facts about fruits can be great encouragement to learn more about the items that you’re putting into your body, and can also give your children a new, unique look at the healthy foods that they are selecting.


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