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There are a ton of things you can find online about anything – including the Paleo diet – and with that comes a lot of fog that truly take away from incredible knowledge that can be discovered. Mind you, most people do know to not always believe everything that they hear, especially if it doesn’t come from a credible source. However, sometimes you just need a little recap to remind you of exactly what you were looking for. Here is a quick Paleo fact recap to put accurate knowledge about your diet back in first place.


Paleo is About Eating Real, Whole Foods

It’s all about disallowing anything to go to waste. Eating from the nose to the tail may not seem very appetizing to many people, but when we consume all parts of an animal, we avoid many potential nutritional imbalances. Lean meats should always be balanced with organ meat, skin and bone (broths).


It Isn’t All About Ridiculous Amounts of Meat

In truth, the Paleo diet is actually all about eating incredibly large amounts of vegetables – if you want to look at it proportionally. Needless to say, it isn’t extremely meat heavy and is thoroughly balanced out. However, the Paleo diet is all about educating you on the importance of great quality, pasture-fed and organic meats.


It Is Not a Random Fad Diet

If you are using the Paleo diet to get ‘bikini ready’ before you escape to the Caribbean beaches, then you may be expecting something from the diet that isn’t ideal. Mind you, you will definitely lose weight and shape up since this naturally occurs when you eat real, whole foods, but it isn’t a fad diet. It is something that you commit to – for a lifestyle – for the sake of your health, longevity and future.


Paleo is a Lifestyle

With that said, you live the Paleo diet – not just eat it. Some choose to take it to higher extremities than others, but simply practicing a Paleo diet with regular exercise and proper sleep patterns is enough to say that you’re thriving on the lifestyle. As mentioned, some decide to black out their windows to thrive on the “cave” darkness that will improve your sleep patterns, and others unplug from all technology a couple hours prior to bed to ensure their brain health and sleep. To each their own and there are many ways to can thoroughly channel your inner caveman or cavewoman.


Importance on Primal Movement

As mentioned, exercise is a huge part of the Paleo diet. Cavemen was when mankind was at it’s strongest, and they had to rely on their physical health for many things such as; hunting, cooking, gathering, living etc. So, needless to say, the diet approaches exercise a little differently than anything else you’ll see within the health and fitness industry. Too much exercise can be just as harmful as not enough as it can cause oxidative damage, inflammation and cognitive decline, as well as a decrease in your immune function, fat metabolism and cardiovascular health. So, try to allow exercise to naturally fall into your day. It could easily be done with primal movements, such as walking instead of driving somewhere, or picking up something properly (like a squat).

There is much more that can be said about the Paleo diet but this is a nice little refresher!


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