Put Your Egg Yolks to Good Use


Despite popular believe, you should not be throwing out your egg yolks. Somewhere along the line, people decided to believe that the yolks of eggs contained too much cholesterol and that you should only eat the egg whites. The truth is that the cholesterol in eggs aren’t the kind that is harmful, and the egg whites actually have no nutritional value to them. So, egg yolks have a great value! However, there are times when a recipe calls for egg whites only. This is the only exception of opting out of the yolks, but you still shouldn’t waste them. There are a variety of ways in which you can use those egg yolks to create another delicious masterpiece in the kitchen.


Scrambled Eggs

Boom! Turn your yolks into scrambled eggs. It’s the easiest thing that you could do, and you literally make them the exact same way you would have had the whites still been attached. You can always add in other delicious, fresh ingredients like mushrooms, green peppers and onions to turn it into a truly incredible and nutritious breakfast.


While the previous option definitely sounds like an omelette, technically it isn’t. Instead of swishing your egg yolks around in the pan, place your fresh ingredients on half of it, then flop it over the other. Spinach is also a great addition to an omelette.

Eggs in Ham Cups

Eggs and ham sound like the start of a good day, and making Eggs in Ham cups is simple. You can make this with an entire egg, but you can also make it work when you just have the egg yolk as well. All you have to do is mix up your egg yolks, put a slice of ham in a muffin tin or something similar, and pour your egg mixture into it. You can also add fresh ingredients before popping it into the oven to bake.


Before we continue on, mayonnaise aren’t Paleo. However, you can certainly make a Paleo version of mayo and use it in a variety of recipes such as deviled eggs, salad dressings, egg salads and much more. Typically, making Paleo mayo consists of olive oil, eggs and mustard but you can also add in an abundance of other items to spice it up and add a pop of flavor. Explore the recipes to find one that you enjoy.


Sauces Galore

In addition to mayonnaise, you can also use your egg yolks to make sauces like the Hollandaise sauce which is basically a buttery, lemony sauce that tastes deliciously on egg recipes such as eggs Benedict, or on asparagus, fish or many other items. It actually just tastes amazing on everything. In order to make this sauce, you only need the egg yolk, so it’s a perfect opportunity to use them up from recipes that only want the egg whites.


As you probably already know, many desserts call for egg whites but there are just as many that call for just the egg yolks. Flan is one of those delicious desserts. However, some recipe versions will call for whole eggs, so be sure to select one that allows you to use up your yolks. Custard is another egg-yolk desert that allows you to use them up. While there are different kinds of custards; some that are like pudding and some that are much thicker – you need to play around with recipes to find one that appeals to you. However, custard is an excellent alternative to many modern diet items.

Crème brûlée

This yolk dessert deserves a category of its own. Crème brûlées are baked very similar to custards and flans but they have an addition of sweet toppings that completely enhances the satisfaction that it gives to your sweet tooth. In order to keep it Paleo, you would want to opt for natural honey or something similar to steer clear of pure white sugar toppings that modern day diet recipes of Crème brûlées will call for.

Egg Nog

Of course, one of the most prominent ingredients in egg nog is the egg yolk, and although it isn’t Christmas time, there is never a bad time to sip this delightful, rich, thick treat. As with anything, you do need to opt for Paleo friendly options to keep yourself on track with this healthy lifestyle, but the taste will be very similar – if not totally better.

So next time you stumble across a recipe that calls for egg whites, don’t just throw the egg yolks out. You can turn them into many delicious treats and meals to enjoy. You can also use them for your beauty regime. Egg yolks are excellent for your hair and will rejuvenate it like you wouldn’t believe. You just have to get past the idea of yolk masking your hair. If all else fails though, just eat them! They’re delicious and nutritious and should never be tossed out in the trash! Plus, you worked hard for your money. There’s no sense in throwing out the best part of an egg.


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