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Protein is vital for proper functioning of your body, organs and ultimately, for thorough health. It’s even used to make bone, skin, nails, hair, muscle, cells, and proteins also aid with production and action of enzymes, which are components of almost every function in the body.

Here are some amazing benefits that you will definitely receive from getting sufficient amounts of protein in you diet:

• Greater muscle mass and lean tissue
• Less hunger (lower calorie intake) which results in weight loss
• Decreased belly fat
• Better muscle results
• Better bones, and a lower risk of osteoporosis
• Healthy brain function
• Better sleep.
• Lower blood pressure.
• Faster recovery from injury

Ultimately, with protein, you receive a greater lifespan and a higher quality of life that doesn’t necessarily disappear as you get older.

The Paleo Pro Products protein powder actually has no whey which is often a huge concern that many people have with protein supplements. This is certainly a huge benefit that shouldn’t go without mention.

Enter the Giveaway:

First, watch the video as it is full of important information and shows you many products that Paleo Pro Products offer. In order to enter, you must do the following:
• Subscribe to our Youtube page
• Comment on the video

Good luck to everyone, and a special thanks to Paleo Pro Products for offering this giveaway to a lucky winner that will be announced on October 5th.


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  1. the products all look great! I would love to try the Fish Oil (been looking for a good quality supplement since our darn fish selection where I live sucks!) and the powder would be a perfect quick addition to my daily green smoothies! I am not sure which video you wanted us to watch, but I did check out your products page and I am quite impressed!! Fingers crossed that I get to try some HIGH QUALITY products from your Paleo line! Cheers!

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