Paleo Friendly Pasta Ideas


As an avid pasta lover , the thought of switching over to the Paleo diet and not being able to indulge in the Italian foods that are amongst your favorite foods may seem extremely trying, if not completely impossible. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you from making the healthiest lifestyle choice of your life because pasta can still be indulged in while on the Paleo diet, only in a different way, of course. There are a variety of alternatives of the high-carb noodles that you’re used to on the modern diet, and with simple modifications to your already favorite recipes, you can truly be eating the exact same way as you are now, only healthier and with real foods.

Paleo Pasta
This is a brand name of pasta noodles that have been created specifically for those on the Paleo diet, hence its name, “Paleo Pasta” The noodles are made of a combination of nuts, vegetables, fruits and other ingredients that are paleo-friendly, healthy and tasty for you. After messing around in the kitchen for several months, the creators of Paleo Pasta are happy to have allowed your favorite Italian meals be enjoyed in the Paleo way.

Grain-Free Noodles
Another alternative to those unhealthy, starchy noodles that you’re used to eating is grain-free noodles. The the Paleo way of eating quickly on the rise in popularity, a variety of companies have started to create noodles that are completely grain free. After all, everyone loves a great big plate of delicious spaghetti, right? Some noodles that you can enjoy on the Paleo diet include; Zucchini noodles, Spaghetti Squash, shirataki noodles, and kelp noodles. The two prior seem to be a favorite of most.

Create Your Own
You can always create your own noodles, as well. All you truly need is a pasta maker and some guidelines and ingredients that match the Paleo lifestyle, and you could be cooking up some delicious pasta paleo plates in no time Of course, this option usually takes much more time than if you were to go out shopping, but you can have some fun in the kitchen and create a pasta recipe that is unique to your taste buds.

With these three options, you can now happily switch over to the Paleo lifestyle without having to worry about giving up your taste of Italian food. In fact, your favorite pasta dishes are able to be much tastier because you are eating real foods. Instead of having a spaghetti plate full of carbs, grains and chemical sprayed vegetables and hormone-induced meats, you get to enjoy the taste of what food was always intended to be. So get your spoon ready, because we have a feeling you’ll be indulging in a tasty dish of Italian food tonight.


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