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One thing that goes hand in hand with the summer season is summer concerts, festivals and events. Unfortunately, despite these activities being some of the most exciting fun you could possibly have in the heat of the summer, it can be a stressful process for those of you who are Paleo. After all, junk is usually the most prominent meal and snack choice when out in the middle of a field that has been set up for a mosh pit of some sort. The good news is that is doesn’t have to be stressful! Consider yourself Paleo covered when it comes to your snacks and meals, since you probably aren’t going to stay too Paleo in the beverage department at such events.


Burgers Sans the Bread

You can almost always find burgers anywhere. Mind you, they may not always be the healthiest option, especially if you’re getting it from a fast food restaurant which is highly discouraged. However, if all else fails, purchase a burger without the bun. Pack your favorite fresh vegetables on the plate, slice and enjoy. It’s like an innovative casserole.


Packable Snacks

Some venues certainly won’t allow you to bring in your own food, so check their guidelines prior to preparing your own snacks. However, if it’s a green light, there are a variety of things you can easily pack in bags or in small containers to enjoy while you’re at a concert, festival or event. Some favorites include; hard boiled eggs (as long as you’re out of the heat), coconut slices, nuts, seeds, tuna, fresh cut vegetables and fruits. It doesn’t get more Paleo than that.


Kabobs Galore

The variety of tastes that you can receive from kabobs is the exact reason why they have made it onto this list. You can eat a kabob for every meal and still refrain from a repetitive taste and feel. In addition, they are also offered at a majority of venues now because people are making a turn towards healthier diet options.


Water, Water, Water

It is highly unlikely that you will refrain from having a beer (too many) while enjoying some fun in the sun, but just don’t forget about hydration. Drink tons of water because not only will the sunshine be soaking it right out of you, but the booze will be as well. Alcohol isn’t Paleo but sometimes you can bend the rules a little bit – as long as it is done in moderation.

Other than that, enjoy the event and get wild… Pun intended.


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