Money Saving Tips for The Paleo


Often times, when people think about the Paleo diet and eating only real foods and ones that are filled with hormones, chemicals and all kinds of other things that can be found under your kitchen sink, they assume that the Paleo way of eating is expensive. Not only that, but the thought of eating specific to this healthy lifestyle is often ignored simply because it’s assumed to be unrealistic for one’s budget. However, you couldn’t be any more wrong. Paleo is actually a much more budget friendly way of eating as you are eating foods that haven’t been packed for convenience, such as the microwaveable dinners and frozen vegetables that the modern diet promotes. People say that you pay for convenience, and it’s true. Since the Paleo diet cuts those kind of foods out, you’re immediately saving money. Now, you may still be thinking that eating only organic foods and grass-fed meats is still too expensive for you, and although the Paleo diet is still less expensive than the modern diet you’re currently eating to, these money saving tips for the Paleo diet should certainly help you succeed through the caveman way of eating.

The most inexpensive sources of meat also happen to be the most nutritious, so it’s time for you to start eating some organs. Now, it may sound unappetizing at first but don’t pass over this idea just yet. There are a variety of flavorful organs such as heart, kidneys, tongue and marrow. Some are an acquired taste, but many organs simply need a good recipe to make you forget about the organ part.

When you purchase foods locally, you don’t have to pay for the shipping that it cost to get there. Therefore, you get them much cheaper. Contact some of your local farms, butchers and markets to find some delicious foods that are inexpensive. Plus, you’ll be helping out your local community, so not only will you be eating some good foods, but you’ll be feeling good about it as well.

This may seem unrealistic and unnecessary but as long as you have a big freezer with available space, purchasing half of a cow is the way to go. Sure, you are spending more money up front, but when it all breaks down, you will be saving incredible amounts of money. You can also do so for other animals.

You’re purchasing some quality food, so you should never let it go to waste. Save the leftover food for the next day’s dinner, or freeze it for later in the week. If you don’t want to repeat your meals, cut up the meat and vegetables and enjoy a casserole dish or another delicious plate.

Tougher meats tend to come with a smaller price tag. As long as you learn to cook these meats, such as shanks, shoulders, trotters, oxtail etc. you will be able to enjoy a delicious meal with an extremely small price. The trick to cooking tougher meats typically requires long, slow cooking in a lot of liquid.


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