Learning All of the Delicious Steak Cuts


Mmmm. I had you at steak, didn’t I? It has got to be one of the best food items out there, and one that you can certainly enjoy on the Paleo diet. There are many benefits to this delicious hunk of red meat, and as always, you want to ensure that you purchase nothing of lower quality. All meat products should come from grass fed animals to avoid those dangerous chemicals and hormones that are likely on the Paleo diet to avoid. Other than that, it is time to chow down! There are a variety of different steak cuts and with each, you get a unique texture and taste. Let’s find out which one would be the most scrumptious option for you.

The Rib Eye Steak Cuts

This is where the most fat will be found in comparison to any other steak cut, which is likely why it is so juicy and tender. It literally melts in your mouth, and is a favorite for many people. However, some argue that the fat is just too much.


The New York Strip

It is unlikely that anything can be bad when it is associated with the big apple! The New York Strip cut is extremely delicious, and has a comparable tenderness to the Rib Eye cut, sans the high amounts of fat. So, for those of you who don’t like the fat in the Rib Eye but want the tender, marbled texture, the New York Strip is your best option. It is also excellent for grilling!


The Tenderloin

As you may assume after reading the name of this cut, it is one of the most tender steak cuts that you can get. Some of you may not know that the Filet Mignon cut is actually part of the tenderloin as well! Cow’s don’t use this part of their body often, and your taste buds gets to reap the benefits of that.


The T-Bone

The name of this steak cut sounds caveman and manly, and comes from an area on the cow that is called the Short Loin. Basically, it is a T-Shaped bone that actually has two different kinds of meats on each side;the New York Strip and also the Tenderloin. The larger side of the meat is the New York Strip and the smaller side is the Tenderloin. So, with the T-bone, you get a combination of absolute deliciousness.



Similar to the T-Bone cut, the porterhouse also comes from the Short Loin area of a cow, and has two sides that is split with a bone. The only true difference is that the Porterhouse has the Tenderloin as the larger side, and the New York Strip on the smaller side. Either way, you get both delicious meats.

To emphasize the scrumptiousness of each one of these steak cuts, you can determine the way in which you want it to be cooked. Steak – it’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?


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