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Just when you thought you had the latest and greatest of kitchen gadgets, some new ones are introduced that toss your favorite products to the side. Unfortunately, your awesome kitchen technology will no longer be up to par after you check out these completely innovative, state of the art products that will change your cooking experience as you know it. Everything is about to get an extra dose of excitement, flavor and convenience – three things that we can all enjoy in the kitchen, right?

Cake Slice Molds

Just because you are on the Paleo diet doesn’t mean that you can enjoy incredible staples – one of them being delicious cake! The only difference is that you will be eating Paleo friendly cakes that offer the nutrition and flavor of real food as opposed to processed, sugar and chemical-packed sweetness.  This kitchen gadget is a necessity because it promotes moderation which is vital for weight loss and encourages proportion eating.


Citrus Spritzer

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You will be amazed when you see how much awesomeness this small kitchen gadget contains. Citrus fruits come with a wide variety of uses, and you can squeeze them into juices, add into marinades or sprinkle them on top of a dinner plate, but you can’t sprits an ideal amount of citrus onto your salads which just happens to be a delicious way to enjoy citrus fruits. Times have changed. Some genius put a sprits nozzle in a lemon and encouraged everyone to reap the benefits receiving with a little sprits of zest.


Bag Re-Sealer

On the Paleo diet, you won’t be eating anything processed which rules out the majority of bags that you could potentially use a re-sealer on. However, there are some Paleo friendly products that can reap the benefits of this product, whether it’s company-made Paleo pasta, Paleo trail mix, vegetable snacks or any other ‘real food’ that comes in a bag. Keep all of your items fresh by using a bag re-sealer. It’s genius!

Shower Glass Wine Holder

While some will argue that there is no such thing as Paleo friendly booze, others will cheers to a good glass of wine. After all, wine comes from grapes and has very little non-Paleo ingredients. Tequila is another as-Paleo-as-you-can-get alcoholic beverage, but you probably won’t want to drink that out of a wine glass. With that said, we aren’t sure why you would be drinking a glass of wine in the shower anyway, but if that’s your thing, you need this kitchen gadget.

Automatic Measurer Spice Rack

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You may not be able to say the name of this product 10 times fast but you have a couple of additional minutes to practice because this kitchen gadget is a serious time saver! An Automatic Measurer Spice Rack allows you to pick the measurement that you need, and it pours out the spice accordingly. Although simple, you may start to wonder how you ever cooked without it. That’s also not to mention that you probably use a lot of spices throughout your Paleo diet.



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