Giveaway of Dairy Alternatives


Dairy is one of the items not permitted on the Paleo diet due to it not being part of the Paleolithic era, but more importantly, due to its negative effects that it has on the body. However, you may still find yourself desperately searching ways to fill that void if you used to have a lot of dairy in your diet, whether it was:

  • milk
  • cream
  • ice cream
  • frozen snacks

Luckily, there are some Paleo dairy alternatives from So Delicious, and they have allowed us to provide you with the opportunity to win some free product coupons so you can totally fall in love with their products, for free! Whether you’re a picky eater, Paleo 100% or 80%/20%,this is certainly not an opportunity you want to miss out on.

Visit our Facebook Fanpage and enter to win. This giveaway is eligible to only  those in the United States and Canada.

Three lucky winners will win 2 free product coupons! Good luck!


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