Foods That Treat Sleep Problems


There isn’t much worse than having a bad night of sleep, and before you start popping sleeping pills which is rarely recommended, you need to first look at your diet and see how it can be causing sleep problems for you throughout the night. There are five tricks that you can do right now that should enhance the quality of your sleep, and it all pertains to the items that you’re putting in your body.

Do Have a Bedtime Snack

While having a large meal or large snack portions prior to bedtime is not recommended, a light snack may help you sleep better as you won’t be waking up from hunger. Many studies have shown that eating carbohydrate-rich foods prior to bed will not only keep you asleep, but will also make the actual falling asleep process much quicker as well.

Drink Herbal Tea

There are many different kinds of herbal teas that you can sip on prior to bed that will give you a healthy dose of sleep-promoting properties. Some of the most popular ones include; chamomile, lemon balm, hops and passionflower. While some have debated that it isn’t the actual herbal elements of the tea that puts you to sleep, but actually that it is the warm liquid before bed that is promoting the sleepiness, drinking a cup of tea could put you to bed faster and longer.

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Cut Caffeine Out

As you probably already know, caffeine is a stimulant and as a result, it will kick your system into alertness which isn’t something you want to do right before bed. This only worsens depending on how sensitive you are to caffeine. If you are experiencing sleep problems, limit your caffeine intake to the morning, and if you are still craving the warm liquid prior to bed, you always have the previous tip to enjoy. If insomnia persists, you might want to consider cutting caffeine out completely.

Try Cherry Juice

Cherry juice probably isn’t the first thing that you pick up at the grocery store, but if you’re experiencing insomnia or other sleep problems, you might want to change this up. Recent studies have linked cherry juice to improved sleep patterns. In addition, cherry juice contains the naturally occurring hormone called, melatonin, which is often one of the main ingredients in supplements that you pay an arm and a leg for to provide some sleep aid. Instead, skip out on the supplements and try the cherry juice first.


With that said, depending on the severity of your sleep problems, it is encouraged for you to avoid nutritional supplements if plausible, except for valerian root which has many benefits to improving your sleep while offering very rare and mild side effects. There are many healthier options for you to try prior to seeking over-the-counter treatment, and the more natural you can go – the better.


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