Egg-cellent Life Hacks For The Kitchen


You just can’t have too many life hacks for the kitchen. If this is the first time that you have ever heard of this term, you need to read yesterday’s posts. There are some fabulous life hacks mentioned that will save you an abundance of time by keeping your food fresher and for longer. Although those are some of the best, there are so many more little things that you can do to make shopping, preparing, cooking, serving, and even eating much more enjoyable. So, make sure to subscribe to this blog to keep yourself up to date with the latest and greatest. For now, here are some additional life hacks to use in the kitchen, specifically for when you are cooking up those delicious eggs from free range chickens.

Get Those Shells Out

Even professionals tend to get egg shells in their recipes from time to time. It’s just inevitable, but there is a pro tip that you can use to ensure that neither you, your family or guests will be crunching on shells when they’re enjoying their delicious eggs. Of course, your eggs must come from free range chickens to ensure your Paleo ways! If a shell cracks in though, wet your fingers before trying to get it out. It literally gravitates the shell to your fingers, so you can quickly remove all of the unpleasant crunch!

Panini-Makers Cook Delicious Omelets

Speaking of eggs, this life hack is definitely one that you want to know. Omelettes are known for being difficult to cook because of the flipping and additional vegetables that you add into the mixture. However, pour your omelette mix into a Panini maker and you really don’t have to worry about much. Just let it cook your omelet to your satisfaction and then devour it. Amazing, right?

Creative Designs For Eggs

This is a fabulous life hack because it can also be used to encourage your children to eat eggs if they tend to be pickier eaters. Plus, it’s fun and innovative and a neat way to pretty up the plate, especially when you have guests over for breakfast. All you have to do is put a cookie cutter in a pan, and crack the egg into it. You will be left with the design of your choice and a fully cooked and delicious egg to taste! This is a perfect idea for themed parties, as well. Of course, the tin of the cookie cutters will be hot, so be sure to use a clamp to remove them.

Egg Burgers For All

If you are eager to get a quick, healthy breakfast packed with proteins and all the health benefits of grass fed meats and eggs from free range chickens, then you will absolutely savor the taste of egg burgers. Take your patty and a glass cup. Press it into the middle of it to remove the perfect circle. Now, crack your egg into the middle of the patty and cook up! Delicious!

Egg-cellent life hacks are only beginning! Come back to see more.


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