Don’t Be Fooled by Trickery Foods


Do you want to know a secret about the modern day diet? It tricks you! Do you want to know the worst of it all? Even if you’re following the Paleo diet strictly, it may still be tricking you! It is no secret that the food industry and modern world has many ways to trick its customers into eating more or purchasing higher amounts. However, if you know how to spot these little secrets, you could potentially improve your health and weight loss process while also adding more money into your savings account.

How Food Menus Trick You

If you are actively trying to lose weight, you probably count your calories, and the food industry is using this to trick you. Many restaurants now offer a “low-cal” category or a “fat-free” zone within their menu, and instantly, they no longer have to post all the calorie information because you simply believe what the menu reads. You may be selecting a food item from the healthier category, but it may not be healthier at all.


How Food Tricks You

The stomach knows what’s going on, but your brain is a little easier to trick, and foods trick you with their labels. For example, if you read “healthy” on the packaging of a food item (although you don’t purchase packaged foods because you are on the Paleo diet), you feel more enticed to purchase that item. A prime example of this is trail mix, nuts and seeds. Despite many of them being higher in calories, people snack on them because they are perceived to be healthier options – which is true, in most cases. On the Paleo diet, you must always read the ingredient list and now, despite the ‘healthy’ label, you have a little bit more to look for.

How Ambience Tricks You

You’re in your favorite restaurant and the temperature and lighting is just right. The smells, and subtle noises follow en suite, and this is why you love this particular place to dine. The truth is, they love you as their customer just as much because you are easy to trick. Restaurants will use their “atmospherics” (ambience) to distract you from your food, so that you actually eat more.

How Salads Trick You

With a similar concept to #1, “how food menus trick you”, salads do the same. Your brain is trained to believe that because it is a salad, it is healthy or if a food item is green, it’s good for you. False. This all goes back to one of the most prominent rules on the Paleo diet – pay attention to the quality of your foods and where they come from, and how they’re made. This can instantly make the healthiest of foods extremely unhealthy. For example, is an apple still healthy or Paleo when it is coated in caramel, sprinkles and more sugar? Absolutely not. Don’t let the healthy foods trick you any longer, and focus on quality.
Don’t be fooled by the modern day diet food industry any more. These secret tips have you covered.


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