The Dangers of Meat Glue



You may not have really placed much importance on the quality of your meats which is a big problem within the modern diet but now that you’re taking to the Paleo ways, you should definitely be doing the opposite. There are many ‘meat’ products that are actually stuck together with what is called “meat glue” and despite it being meat, it isn’t exactly Paleo and for many reasons that will encourage you to purchase organic grass-fed meat as much as possible. Here is everything you need to know about meat scraps that are stuck together with glue. Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it?

What Is Meat Glue?

As mentioned, meat glue is a substance used to stick a bunch of meat scraps together. It is basically an enzyme called transglutaminase. Many meat glues are actually produced through the actions of bacteria, and some others are made from the blood plasma of pigs and cows, or in other words, blood clots. It gets sprinkled on a meat product and acts like a super glue that bins the pieces of meat together. It is invisible, so sometimes you’d just never know. Often times, this process it then followed by having the glued meat pieces rolled in a plastic film and then refrigerated. Surprisingly, meat glue is also often used to improve the texture of some foods aside from meat.

Products Meat Glue Is Found In

While it would be impossible to determine which meat products or brands have meat glue, some of the most common ones include pork, ham, lamb and fish products, as well as chicken, imitation crab meat and processed meats which can then be broken down into; lunch meats, sausages, hot dogs, bacon, chicken fingers and many more modern day diet favorites. As mentioned previously, some companies do use it on non-meat products, such as yogurt and cheese. However, the difference is that these items aren’t Paleo, so you aren’t really at risk for being tricked.

The Dangers of Meat Glue

The entire concept of meat glue is repulsive, and the facts surrounding this unethical and dangerous process is enough to make all meat-glued products non-Paleo. Currently, it is not mandatory for a food manufacturer to disclose when they’ve used meat glue, so you think you’re buying high quality meat, but you’re actually paying top dollar for bottom of the barrel scraps. Aside from the scamming elements, gluing meats together is dangerous simply due to bacterial contamination. When an outbreak occurs, it is almost impossible to determine the source due to the various chunks of meats combined, which also makes it hard to make the proper recall of product. Thus, you’re at a high risk of coming into contact with food poisoning and other illnesses. In addition to all of that, these meat products often come from factory farms which induce the animals with tons of chemicals and hormones, and that alone, has a significant amount of dangers. Studies have also shown that poor quality meats have been linked to causing colon cancer, bladder cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer and diabetes by more than 50% in most cases. That’s also not to mention that there is a high risk of e-coli contamination with low quality meat products that can come with a variety of diseases and other health risks.

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How To Avoid Meat Glue

To be completely honest, meat glue is the least of your worries when it comes to eating low quality meats. So, you must always remember to purchase high quality meat products that have been grass-fed and naturally and properly raised. Instantly, this rules out all processed meats such as bacon, ham, salami, pastrami, salami, pepperoni, hot dogs, some sausages, and hamburgers and much more. Stick with a reputable and local butcher to ensure that you are receiving the most organic and healthy meat products possible, but never forget that food manufacturers are not required to inform you of any meat glue that has been used. As a rule of thumb to follow, your meat products should be; organic and grass fed, local, the animals lived in their natural habitats and ate natural diets, and the farmer should be aware of the importance of natural meat products.

You have heard all the rumors that pertain to the process of making chicken nuggets or hot dogs, and these rumors aren’t completely out of no where and have a lot of truth behind them. There are many meat products that are made by combining a variety of meat scraps, which often come from areas of the animal that aren’t the most desirable, and glued together with chemicals and plastic. Some people would rather “not think about it”, but you can be a step ahead of your health by doing the opposite. Think about what you are putting into your mouth and the tastiness of such meat products will quickly turn pretty sour. It’s the truth that will change your taste buds.


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