The Best Quick and Affordable Paleo Snacks


You can definitely spend more time in the kitchen if you want, but there is nothing says that this is a requirement while on the Paleo diet. Although you don’t have processed dinners that take 5 minutes to cook in the microwave, you do have a variety of items that can instantly satisfy your hunger. Here are some of the best snacks that are 100% Paleo, and take less than 2 seconds to prepare.

Raw Fruit

There is nothing easier and more delicious than grabbing an apple as you run out the door, or snacking on a banana, orange, strawberries or other forms of fruit. Heck! Bananas even come in their own packaging. So, finding a super nutritious and quick snack doesn’t have to take much effort at all. You also have the option of combining raw fruits and blending them up for some smoothie deliciousness. Making your snacks for work has never been easier. Grapes, cherries, watermelon – you name it.


Grab a handful of nuts and throw them into a container because they are excellent for satisfying your hunger and will give you a full feeling. Almonds are excellent for this as they are a good source of copper, manganese, magnesium, vitamin E and riboflavin. However, remember to skip the peanuts as they are actually legumes and not nuts at all. If having the same flavor isn’t your cup of tea, combine some nuts and drizzle some honey on them to create a trail mix. You can also add in dried fruits and seeds to make it even more delicious and nutritious.


When you first hear that chips are an excellent snack, you may be shocked because you immediately think of potato chips. You can thank the modern diet for that. However, there are a variety of chips that you can eat on the Paleo diet such as kale chips, apple cinnamon crisp chips and zucchini chips to name a few. You can make these at home, or you can usually find a product in health food aisles or stores. Some people do prefer to devour their snacks fresh out of the oven, and that is one of the benefits of making them in your home.


It takes seconds to prepare a can of tuna. In fact, you don’t have to prepare it at all and can open the tin of tuna and chow down. It’s an excellent source of protein and an all natural source of special omega 3s.

Hard Boiled Eggs

A personal favorite, hard-boiled eggs take next to zero effort and are absolutely delicious and a full source of protein. They’re extremely portable and although you can prepare them in boiling water, a new trend has arrived and many people are actually baking boiled eggs.
With these options, you are definitely never going to fall short on quick and affordable snack options on the Paleo diet.


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