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Beetroot juice may not be on your favorite beverage list, but you might want to think about adding it there because the benefits are absolutely mind blowing. Beetroot juice has the ability to completely rejuvenate your health and enhance your overall quality of life while decreasing your risk of developing serious diseases and illnesses that seem to be taking over the world. Here is everything you need to know about this beverage and why you can’t live another day without it.


How to Get Beetroot Juice in your Diet

Many people have no idea where to start when it comes to beetroot juice. Gone are those concerns because it isn’t complicated at all. You can get the benefits of beetroot juice in a variety of ways, including; raw, juicing, salads and pickled. You can purchase them in a jar at the grocery store, juice your own, purchase the juice of beets, grow your very own or make your very own. Simple enough, right?


The Benefits of Beetroot Juice

Right off the bat, beetroot juice has been linked to providing relief of those who suffer from arthritis, cancer, heart disease, kidney stones, eye problems, arteriosclerosis and varicose veins. However, the benefits get much deeper than just that. Prepare to be shocked with the power of this superfood.

  • Can Reverse Chronic Diseases

You can call it a miracle worker because that is exactly what it seems to be. The raw oxalic acid in the juice of beets has the ability to dissolve bad calcium deposits found in the body. As a result, it works as an intense detox agent as heavy metals, viruses and toxic chemicals are also released from their “hiding spots” in the body. Thus, it has the ability to start clearing out the bad stuff that many people may not have found otherwise.

  • Can Relieve Skin Concerns

Whether you are currently battling acne, dry, oily or flaky skin or a more serious skin condition, drinking some beetroot juice regularly will prove to be beneficial as it has the ability to prevent and cure current inflammations. In addition, it can clear up blemishes right away, and ensure that your skin repairs and continues to offer a healthy glow.

  • Can Prevent Cancer

This is a huge benefit that is mind-blowing as everyone is this world knows someone who has cancer or is linked to it in one way or another, whether it is emotionally or physically. Many studies have shown that the betacyanin that is found in beet juice has the ability to deter cancerous tumors from forming, while also ridding the body of all harmful toxins that can lead to serious problems and illnesses. Some believe that the juice of beets even have the ability to reverse the effects of cancer, and such success has been found with leukemia, colon, lung and skin, liver, and spleen, breast, prostate and testicular cancer.

  • Can Prevent Birth Defects

This is a huge benefit for the mommy-to-be’s of this world! With 100 grams of beetroot juice, you receive 27% of the recommended daily amount of folic acid which is vital for you and your baby during pregnancy.

  • Enhanced Eye Health

The greens of raw beets contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are carotenoids. They have shown to be exceptionally beneficial for the eye, more specifically, for the retina. Many cooking methods destroy these carotenoids, but beetroot juice actually absorbs it and gives it to you!

  • Treats Anemia

Iron deficiencies are extremely common but beets contain all the ingredients (antioxidants and iron) that your body needs to treat anemia.

  • Improves Liver Health

Betaine is one of the biggest benefits of beet juice as it stimulates the function of liver cells while also protecting the liver and bile ducts. Ultimately, your liver’s health is improved and beets also encourage an increase in production of detoxifying enzymes in the liver!

While the most prominent benefits have been mentioned, beetroot juice is also excellent for your kidney, gout and gall d, as well as your entire body and lifestyle as it can do many additional things such as reduce serum cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, improve production of stomach acid and so much more.


How Much Juice Should I Take?

So, you’re ready to get started with your beetroot juice? Good choice! All you need is one to two cups a day, and you will start to reap all of the benefits of doing so. As mentioned, you can juice the beets on your own, or you can purchase it in the store pre-juiced. Obviously, doing it yourself will not only save you money but it ensures that you’re getting the healthiest form of the juice.


Since beets are a super detoxifier, it is sometimes best for you to start off with a lower dose, such as a quarter cup, and increase up to 2 cups a day over time. This is completely up to you though. You may also notice that your urine and bowels may turn a red color. Do not panic! This is normal because the dark carotenes of the beetroot juice can change the color but it is absolutely harmless. You also do not want to come off any prescribed medication without first consulting your doctor, and always compliment your beetroot juice with a healthy diet!

Don’t forget to also juice the greens as well as the whole beet because the greens contain some of the best and healthiest minerals and vitamins that shouldn’t be left out.


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