10 Foods You Regret Ever Eating


When you start on the Paleo diet, you’ll instantly see a significant change in the way you feel. This is because your body is so used to the modern day “foods” that aren’t really foods at all. Instead, they’re more like chemical rich ingredients tossed in toxins and then nuked to deplete all nutritional value. Of course, this isn’t the truth for all of the foods on the modern diet, but it is true for the majority of them. There are some that are worse than others though. Here are the top 10 foods you wish you never ate before.

  1. White bread and other refined flours are stripped of almost all vitamins, minerals, fiber, and ultimately, healthy elements.
  2. TV Dinners are so heavily cooked that the nutritional content gets vanished.
  3. White rice is nutritionally deficient.
  4. Microwaveable popcorn has diacetyl, a chemical that can actually destroy your lungs.
  5. Cured meats  have been linked to causing heart disease and cancer.
  6. Protein bars have processed soy protein, hydrogenated fat, and refined sugar, and have also been linked to chronic illness.
  7. Margarine is believed to be 1 ingredient away from plastic
  8. Soy products have been linked to causing birth defects, reproductive problems, and cancer.
  9.  “Diet” anything contains extremely harmful artificial sweeteners like aspartame.
  10. Deep fried foods are full of blood clotting elements.

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