Paleo Diet for Beginners

Eating specific to the Paleo diet is pretty simple. You’re eating everything and only what they had back in the day, and we’re talking way back in the day. The Paleo diet is also known as the Caveman diet because if the caveman didn’t have it, you can’t either. See! Rather simple, right? Getting started with the Paleo diet can seem challenging and difficult, as any significant life change can, especially if you’re used to popping pizzas in the oven and microwaving meat plates for dinner. Yuk! If your diet consists of those things as most Westernized diets do, your body is probably begging for you to feed it real food. Yes. Real food. After all, that’s all you can eat on the Paleo diet because that’s all you should be eating. If that alone isn’t enough to get you through the transition, the next tips will certainly set you on your well into the beginner days of the Paleo diet.

Remember The Three Key Paleo Principles

If you know what the Paleo guidelines are, your first few days as a newfound Caveman or Cavewomen will be significantly easier. After all, if you have no idea what you can and cannot eat, your meal choices are going to seem pretty tricky. There are several variations that can be placed on a Paleo plate, but all Paleo diets follow this these three key principles:

-Only eat foods that can be picked or hunted in nature

-Steer clear of foods that cannot be eaten raw

-When choosing meat products, pick from animals that are fed their natural food.

These three are the key to the Paleo diet and if you know nothing at all, know these and your days and meals will be significantly easier. They can essentially be broken down into more specifics, but since it’s only the beginning of your Caveman days, let’s not overwhelm you with too much knowledge. After all, this is supposed to be a fun, healthy and positive lifestyle change, not a drag. Keep the classes for school, right?

Remember The Benefits

If you have no idea why you’re opting for a delicious fruit salad instead of a syrup soaked waffle, chances are that the latter will captivate you. Being aware of the benefits that you’ll receive from the Paleo diet is certainly more than enough motivation to make the correct food choices throughout the first few days of a Paleo indulger. The immediate benefits that you will receive to your health are:

– A reduction of body fat percentage and an increase in muscle mass. Here’s the kicker… With no change in exercise!

– A reduction of fasting blood glucose levels. This can sometimes might allow an elimination of medication for those suffering from diabetes.

– A reduction in triglyceride (type of fat) levels and an increase in HDL (cholesterol) levels. Again, this can sometimes might allow for the elimination of cholesterol medication.

– A reduction in blood pressure, sometimes allowing for the elimination of blood pressure medication.

*of course seek professional medical advise before changing any mediations.

The benefits certainly go well beyond what is written right here. These are more so geared towards the scientific side of your immediate health, but you will of course  feel, look and live better. After all, your body is finally getting everything that it needs to thrive on, and nothing else. Eating specific to the Paleo diet is like cutting out all the B.S. (for lack of better words).